Today, email is one of the most important forms of direct marketing.

Because of the impact email has in its reach along with the evolution of the smart phone, email broadcasting has been impressively effective. It takes a company exceptionally knowledgeable about email broadcasting and inbox delivery to get your message to your recipient.

Orca Broadcasting Corporation is your proven source for permission-based targeted commercial email broadcast marketing since 2005.

Orca has over eight years of experience in the bulk emailing industry. Our advanced emailing technology developed by our in-house Ivy League educated technology officer can inbox your message quickly and efficiently to the tune of millions per day.

An email marketing program is central to any advertising campaign. Targeting your message directly to the interest of the reader helps increase your odds of being successful.

Orca Broadcasting is your proven source for email, postal, cell, and sms data. Whether you are a local business, a boutique industry or Fortune 500 company, we enable you to target and connect with your most responsive customer.

You can choose from over 130+ demographic, lifestyle and interest selects to really zoom in on an interested and motivated audience for your product or service.

You can filter your email campaign geographically by city, state and/or zip code to perfectly reach a locally motivated audience.

Email marketing ads can include photos, video links, donation links and website links. Television ads cannot do this.

At Orca Broadcasting, we are dedicated to implementing email broadcasts correctly and meticulously.

Please contact us for a custom quote at contact@OrcaBroadcasting.com or call direct to 786-216-7735. Please take the time to visit our data library and price page on the menu as well.


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